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January 29, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed the blank dropdown when a user was logged in through SSO and tried to manage the users.
  • The currency issue is resolved: accounts set to GBP no longer keep showing US dollars where currency fields are used.
  • Conflicts didn’t show up when there was a double booking on check-out level. They do now!
  • You are now once again able to rename a category.
  • Android phones refused to vibrate when doing a Spotcheck.
  • We also improved performance for Spotcheck on Android.
  • Gone are the issues with scanning barcodes with Spotcheck on mobile.
  • When using location restrictions the item list was incorrectly showing 0 items when there were items available. Oops!
  • The kits settings are no longer depicted on the public equipment list when the add-on is disabled.
  • Some users received an error when disabling the Spotcheck add-on. Fixed as well.
  • No more errors when changing the account owner.
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